Wellington Future

In a school such as Wellington, we are proud of our history but we also understand that schools need to constantly evolve to deliver the very best for their students.

Wellington Future is Wellington School’s Development Programme – Our future is in our hands and Wellington Future is how we plan to achieve it.

‘Visitors to Wellington School look at the magnificent turreted buildings and could be forgiven for thinking at first glance that time has stood still. History, however, tells a different story.’

‘Like every school, Wellington has a vibrant past that demonstrates clearly its ability to adapt, develop and expand in response to the demands of the day. In the last twenty five years alone, the school has completed a successful merger with Drumley, formerly based in Mossblown, and made the transition from being a girls-only boarding school to a thriving co-educational day school. The inevitable increase in the demand for space has led to the purchase of Craigweil House, the Doonside playing fields and, most recently, Craigweil Lodge.

We now find ourselves at a significant point in the ongoing story of this school. The acquisition of Craigweil Lodge and its associated grounds has joined up two previously separate campuses and unlocked the development potential of this magnificent site.

In order to make the most of this unique opportunity, we have been delighted to work with architectural specialists Austin-Smith:Lord. Experts in campus development and masterplan creation, our partners from A-S:L quickly established an impressive understanding of our requirements and they have brought innovation, creativity and a wealth of experience to the task.

I am delighted that we are now able to share some of their ideas with the wider school community and this publication presents a vision that is bold, exciting and attainable. The realisation of any masterplan takes time and there will no doubt be many twists and turns along the way. I believe, however, that this plan provides the long term strategy that is needed to ensure the continued success and sustainability of this school.’

Mr S P Johnson, Headmaster


What does the Masterplan seek to do?

Masterplan: view of campus (Craigweil House end)
Masterplan: view of campus (Drumley House end)

‘Redevelopment of the campus in line with the masterplan will deliver major benefits for the school, not only in terms of its image and position within the independent schools sector. It also creates a framework for establishing a new access and entrance, reducing pedestrian and vehicular conflict; integration of the junior school; expansion of the existing teaching facilities and a blueprint for the school’s future growth and long term sustainability.’


Some of the key aspects we would like to address are: traffic calm/stop-up Blackburn Rd; create a new main entrance; Blackburn Drive drop-off; reduce traffic on Craigweil Road & Blackburn Road; connect Junior & Senior School; pedestrianise Carleton Turrets/ Drumley; parking to periphery & main access to seafront; future expansion of learning/teaching accommodation; central assembly/ amenity space; maximise external play/amenity spaces and a Doonside Sports Campus.