Eat WELLington


Catering at Wellington School is provided by Sodexo, who also design the school’s nutritious and varied menus. A downloadable version of the 6-week rotational menu is available here below.


Catering is managed locally by husband and wife team, David and Dot Gray who have worked at the school for over 10 years. Mr and Mrs Gray, together with their team of staff, work tirelessly to serve only the highest quality food.

Eat WELLington

Mr and Mrs Gray’s commitment to fresh, homemade cooking aligns with the school͛s healthy eating policy, Eat WELLington.  The couple, as part of Sodexo,  cater for every school event – they even come to Doonside on Saturdays throughout the winter months! Of Primary 7 pupils undertaking the residential component of the John Muir Award, Mrs Gray says, ‘most people take a portable camping stove, but not Primary 7 – they take us!’

Eat With Us

Anybody going into the Dining Hall is guaranteed a warm welcome, a smile and a friendly chat – parents are always welcome for lunch too. Please contact the school office in advance to let us know you will be joining us.

To view the Safe Return to School information from Sodexo, please click the button below.

Our Menus

Scroll down this page for a sample menu and estimated cost per pupil.

Six-weekly menus rotate throughout the year and are reviewed at least twice during that period. The menus are completely redesigned each academic year.


To view and download the current menus and the dates on which they will be served, please click the button here below.

Cashless Catering 

Our Senior School lunch hall operates using cashless catering.

Wellington Menus

The following options are available every day with every item prepared in the school’s kitchens on the day it is served. A three course lunch consisting of soup, a main course with sides and a dessert costs £3.50. The average spend in the Dining Hall for a Senior School pupil is £3.35.


Traditional Lunch

Homemade Soup
Served with freshly baked bread

Traditional Main Course
Served with a selection of vegetables and other accompaniments

A Vegetarian Main Course is available every day and on a Friday, the Traditional Main is Fish and Chips – a firm favourite!


Salad Bar

A variety of salads, crudités and homemade dressings.


Freshly Baked Options

A selection of panini, mixed toasties and baked jacket potatoes with a choice
of fillings as well as a range of freshly filled sandwiches & baguettes are available daily.



A seasonal fruit basket and a selection of probiotic yoghurts served with granola and/or fruit coulis are available every day in addition to a daily dessert (on Monday, a hot pudding and on Friday, an indulgent treat!).



Primary 7

As part of their topic on WWII, Primary 7 pupils fast until after their normal lunch hour on a single school day. Not having eaten since the night before, they arrive in the school kitchens at 2.00pm where Mrs Gray serves Woolton Pie. This pie was widely available in World War II Britain due to rationing and the availability of its inexpensive ingredients (parsnip, turnip, cauliflower, carrot, potato, marmite, and oats). The children then make carrot cookies which they take home with them.


Senior 6

Every year, S6 take part in an eight week cookery course. Mr and Mrs Gray teach pupils the skills they will need to prepare simple meals for themselves; during their lessons, S6 will learn how to make a number of nutritious and filling “one pot wonders”.



Pupils spend a lesson in the kitchens with Mr and Mrs Gray consolidating their learning on weights and measures. This useful session allows children to apply knowledge to a real life situation; if they have weighed and measured accurately, pupils enjoy their delicious tray bake at the end!


Ready, Steady Cook!

Every year, Mr Gray hosts this popular event with a well-known local chef. Proceeds from ticket sales go to the 6th Year Charity and Sodexo’s “Stop Hunger” initiative.