Sporting Tradition

Wellington School has a long tradition of sporting excellence and the partnership with Ayr Rugby Football Club, produces outstanding results. In 2016, the Ayr Wellington U18 and U16 teams both competed in the National Youth League Cup Finals at Murrayfield, where the U16 side emerged as National Youth Champions. These results are not surprising considering that the Club is renowned for its impressive match record, that it boasts one of the largest youth training centres in Scotland and that Wellington, in its own right, had a consistently strong reputation at all levels.

Player Development

Ayr Wellington players have greatly benefitted from the amalgamation of facilities and expertise that both institutions have to offer. Player development is a key focus and includes work on tactics, strength and conditioning, and nutrition. One of the most significant benefits of integrating a club and a school team is the collective talent of players and coaches that has led to Ayr Wellington competing in Scottish Rugby conferences they would otherwise be unable to access.

Beyond School

Beyond school, Ayr Wellington players can progress to the ARFC Advanced Academy. The Academy is aimed at promising players just below national level who wish to pursue the sport after school or while at university. Former Wellington pupil, Robbie Fergusson, used to coach at Ayr Rugby Academy and now plays professionally. He is an excellent ambassador for the sport, the school and of course, is a role model to the current Ayr Wellington teams.

The Benefits

Access to one of the largest youth training centres in Scotland

Access to expertise and facilities of both institutions

Participate in previously unattainable Scottish Rugby Conferences

Play Scottish schools with very well established rugby credentials

Access to the collective talent of player mentorship and coaches

We are ready to nurture your talent…