Dennis Haggerty, Director of Music

Welcome to Wellington School Music Department where we offer many opportunities for pupils to develop their skills and ability in music performance and music technology. Opportunities exist within the academic curriculum, participation in the wide and varied co-curricular provision and also committing to individual instrumental and vocal lessons.

Our musicians are fully dedicated and committed to the busy musical calendar that takes place throughout the academic year in both Senior and Junior Schools. The results of their efforts are clearly evident in the high quality of musical performance consistently presented in concerts, exams, festivals and shows. This highlights Wellington School as a centre of excellence for music performance and technology.


Our unique and bespoke approach to music and music technology within the curriculum ensures every child reaches their full potential and places greater emphasis on pedagogy all of which results in sector leading pupil attainment and classroom practice.

We deliver a clear and coherent curriculum from nursery through to S6 where every child has the opportunity to develop knowledge in Understanding Music, Composing, Performing and Sound Engineering Skills.

Co-Curricular Programme

Our extensive co-curricular programme enhances what goes on in the classroom and allows every pupil the opportunity to come together in choirs, orchestras and ensembles to share their talents Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

Every pupil has the opportunity to succeed and take part in co-curricular life at school, regardless of musical ability.

Instrumental and Vocal Services

Learning to play an instrument or sing, can be one of the most rewarding experiences in life and will most certainly help to create a well-rounded, confident and socially active young person as well as instilling an excellent work ethic.

Specialist tuition is offered by visiting music professionals in a wide range of instruments and voice to pupils from Primary and Secondary School.

Resources and Staffing

The Music Department can be found in Craigweil House and consists of:

  • 3 Classrooms
  • IT Suite with Sibelius and Pro Tools Software
  • 5 Instrumental Teaching Rooms/ Practice Rooms
  • State-of-the-art, purpose-built Recording Studio that gives pupils access to the latest in music technology and sound engineering
  • Full compliment of classroom Instruments, live sound equipment, recording hardware that cater to the needs of all learners

Our dedicated and experienced staff consists of 4 Music Teachers, 17 Peripatetic Visiting Music Specialists and a Music Administrator.

Future Careers and Progressions

Year on year Wellington School sees an increase in pupils progressing on to study for degrees in Music, Music Teaching, Musical Theatre and Music Technology/Sound Engineering at specialist conservatoires, colleges, universities and institutions of the performing arts throughout the United Kingdom and further afield.

Careers include teaching music in all stages of education, music therapy, sound engineering and entering the performing world as a professional in music and musical theatre.

Wellington School Music Department ensures equity and excellence for all pupils in every class and we believe that music presents no barriers to success and achievement.