Curriculum and Careers


Sixth Year is a valuable time for a pupil to take stock, to consider carefully their future and prepare for life after Wellington. In staying on at school for a Sixth Year, pupils have made a decision that will shape their aims and objectives in the years to come. It is truly a time to:

· Achieve

· Share

· Prepare


Academic studies in S6

Sixth Years, typically, study a combination of Higher and Advanced Higher courses. One of the most important differences which they will experience is the amount of work to be undertaken on their own. Independent learning is a crucial skill to be learned while in Sixth Year and serves as invaluable preparation for university or college. In particular, if pupils study Advanced Highers, the number of teacher-contact periods should be “topped up” by several periods of personal research and reading.

Stretch yourself/try something new

Sixth Year students are strongly encouraged to follow a rigorous academic timetable. We would suggest following 4 academic subjects. Universities and employers are going to be far more convinced of their commitment to academic progression if they see that they are pushing themselves in S6, regardless of their successes in S5.

Young Applicants in School Scheme (YASS)

It is possible that a small group of 6th Year Pupils may be offered the opportunity to undertake alternative courses, such as a YASS course. Run by the Open University, YASS is designed to bridge the gap between school and full time university study. Study can fit around school work and social life and encourages independent learning and builds confidence. Participation in YASS can help able and motivated students stand out from the crowd.



Sharing knowledge and passion for a subject as a pupil mentor is one of the best ways of “giving back” in S6. The initiative is aimed to help and support younger pupils within the classroom. Seniors are invited to give up a ‘free’ period each week to act as a mentor to a junior pupil requiring support in a specific subject. Seniors involved in this voluntary undertaking make a meaningful contribution to the progress of a younger person and, indeed, to the caring community that is the school.


Fund-raising is a valuable way of helping others who may be experiencing periods of difficulty in their lives and it contributes to your own personal and social development. Nothing defines Sixth Year quite like the S6 Charity. Sixth Years will participate positively in supporting the fund-raising activities throughout the year for their selected charity.


Looking back on their school days with fondness is one of the school’s key aims and events such as our Burns Supper, the Prom, the June excursions and our Farewell Dinner all serve to make special memories we will all cherish for years to come.

Post-Exam Timetable

On returning to school following study leave, pupils are invited to take part in a specially designed timetable of expeditions and experiences. The timetable is designed to be fun and informative – it also changes every year. In the past, pupils have attended presentations given by guest speakers on topics relevant to student life, trips to the Edinburgh Dungeon, Karting and the ever-popular cycle round the Isle of Cumbrae and picnic in Millport.

Prepare: Positive Destinations

Ensuring that pupils are supported in pursuing their chosen pathway – university for most, but college or the world of work or a gap year for others – is a priority at Wellington and should mean that pupils make a happy and successful transition to life beyond Carleton Turrets.


The school puts much effort into the preparation of applications for university places. Individual pupils are given as much support as is required, including a weekly timetabled period with the Head of Senior Years, to find and secure the right and best possible place within Further and Higher Education.

The applications procedure, whether for university, college or further training, causes many seniors understandable anxiety; Wellington provides a package of services to assist in this important process. Pupils are:

· Given dispensation to take days off school to attend university Open Days.

· Attend relevant UCAS/Higher Education fairs.

· Given an extensive presentation on the UCAS journey.

· Invited, with parents, to attend UCAS and student funding (SAAS) presentations at key points in the year

· Receive tutoring to assist with application forms and interviews

“The most valuable part of sixth year for me has been the charity commitment.  I am entirely proud of every effort we have made to support this cause.”

S6 Pupil

“I think that having more independence with my studies has improved my ability to be self-reliant, and well organised.”

S6 Pupil

“Sixth Year brought lots more freedom – and responsibilities!”

S6 Pupil

“I am leaving with great memories and an unconditional offer to one of the best universities in the country. Wellington has well and truly prepared me for this next step!”

S6 Pupil