What is the male/female split?

The split is roughly 50% female and 50% male.

Do you offer transport to school?

The School Bus service is provided Dodds of Troon. Dodds operate three routes for Wellington pupils covering a number of locations in East, North and South Ayrshire. The routes cover the [...]

What are Wellington School’s entry requirements?

Nursery The Nursery is in partnership with South Ayrshire Council the majority of applications are considered at the start of the year, however, if there are places available, applications will [...]

How much are the fees?

Details on the nursery fees are can be found here. Meanwhile Junior and Senior School fees are available here

Do you offer any financial assistance?

We offer means-tested bursaries. Applications should be submitted by December of the year preceding the entry year. Find out more about our means-tested bursaries here

How many pupils will be in my child’s class?

Class sizes vary from year group to year group, but on average there are approximately 14 pupils in any class. Most teaching classes have between 10 and 20 pupils but many groups are smaller, [...]