BUYMSH Campaign – Everest Climb Update

BUYMSH Campaign – Everest Climb Update


Earlier this week, Maxine Allan contacted Mr Johnson to update him on the climb that she and her daughter Saskia Bertschy (a Wellington pupil), recently undertook. We done to both of you and a special congratulations to Saskia for being the first of the party to reach the summit of Lobuche East!

“Well, we’re back in one piece. What a challenge!

We reached Everest Base Camp, climbed up Kala Patthar and summited Lobuche East (6119m/20075ft). In fact, out of our original expedition team, there were only three of us who actually summited Lobuche East and Saskia was the first to reach the top with her Sherpa, Phurba. Phurba has summited Everest 5 times! Poor Saskia got a nosebleed on the way up so I’m extremely proud that she just kept on going.

Two of our party were helicoptered off the mountain to hospital; one with Acute Moutain Sickness and the other fell and dislocated her elbow. Additionally, a few days before we climbed Lobuche East, a Sherpa fell off the mountain (a 400m drop) and died. You can imagine how much more anxiety that brought to our climb but we did it and returned safely.

See here below for photos of the summit morning. The first one is of the three girls who summited along with our female expedition leader Jo Bradshaw (left to right: Maxine Allan, Jo Bradshaw, Saskia Bertschy and Lucy Philips). Jo Bradshaw also summited Everest for the first time in May this year. The second includes the 3 Sherpas who helped us get to the top and back down safely: Phurba, Pasang and Kanchha. All Everest legends. We were required to abseil back down which was interesting to say the least… I’ve added a few other climbing ones on the way to the top and the descent.

We had a few cultural sight seeing days on our return to Kathmandu which was both culturally and spiritually enlightening! I would definitely recommend this trip – if you ever get the chance.

Thanks for your continued support for our adventures and in raising money for our chosen charity, Buy Malcolm Sargent House. It’s very much appreciated.”

Find out more on the charity’s Facebook page and website.