As well as offering a sibling discount, Wellington School offers an attractive means-tested bursary programme. The purpose of these bursaries is to widen access, allowing children who would otherwise be unable to attend Wellington School to become a pupil.


Bursaries at Wellington represent a percentage reduction of the tuition fee. That percentage may vary from 10 to 100%.

Bursary applications are considered by the Bursary Committee every February and awards are typically made with the expectation that assistance will be maintained for as long as the pupil is at Wellington School. However, given that these awards are means-tested, a review will be conducted annually to consider financial need as well as the pupil’s academic progress, behaviour, attendance and contribution to the wider school community.

Eligibility & Guidance

Bursaries are available to any pupil, at any stage in their education – from P1 to S6. Applications are accepted from new pupils from other schools, as well as from existing pupils.

Applications for bursaries are accepted at the start of the academic year and all applications must be received by the end of the Autumn Term. Bursaries are advertised throughout the year on social media, in the local press and on this website. When the school opens the application period, application forms will be made available on this page. They can also be requested from the Admissions Registrar, Mrs Marian Dunlop. Details on how to contact the school are given here below.

The application form requires details of family income (earned and benefit related); regular commitments (mortgage or rent payments, insurance, loans, council tax etc.); unearned income (savings, shares etc.); value of home; dependents or other children within the family. This information will provide a clear picture of your family’s position in order to allow the Bursary Committee to make a fair assessment of financial need. The school treats the information provided in the strictest confidence and it is only used for the purpose of considering bursary applications.

Decision Timeline

The Bursary Committee meets in February every year to consider applications for financial assistance. In reviewing these applications, the Committee assesses the following: financial need, academic ability, application and progress, behaviour, and attendance levels.

The Committee decides the percentage bursary to be awarded (if any) and during February, a decision (as well as an offer of a place at the school, if applicable) will be made. Parents then have a fortnight to formally accept or decline the offer of financial assistance.

Apply for a Bursary

Find out more about the financial assistance Wellington School can offer families:

Download and complete this form to submit your application for consideration:


Should you have any questions about the admissions or bursary processes, please use the form here below to contact Mrs Dunlop, Admissions Registrar, or telephone 01292 269321

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