Parents’ Association


As a parent or guardian of a Wellington School pupil, you can proudly call yourself a member of the Wellington School Association (WSA). If your child has travelled in the minibus, used some of the new musical instruments or digital cameras or learned about plants in the Nursery garden, then they have benefitted from the efforts of the Association and all of those who support it.

The level of involvement you have in the WSA is down to personal choice but we do hope that you will support our aims by attending events and contributing positively to our community. The aims of the WSA are simple:

  • we seek to organise a programme of fundraising events and produce merchandise throughout the year
  • we hope to encourage parents and pupils to come together as a community

The support we have received from parents, friends and local businesses has meant that we have been able to enhance our children’s experience at Wellington. Over the past few years, we have enjoyed a variety of events such as the Summer Fete at Doonside, a ball and the very popular annual Carol Concert. In 2016, the WSA hosted Junior and Senior School Concerts in the Summer Term, showcasing the talent of the many musically gifted children at Wellington. The most recent purchase made possible by the WSA was a laser cutter, which was presented to the Art Department.


‘The technology will be used to enhance teaching and learning in all year groups particularly in the inclusion of technology in the course. Senior pupils have experimented with materials and planning for enterprise projects for younger pupils is well under way. Thank you to the Wellington School Association for funding this piece of machinery which will have a huge impact on pupils’ experiences in art and design!’

Mrs Gabriel, Head of Art & Design


Every year, the Wellington School Association in collaboration with the Music Department, hosts two Summer and two Christmas Carol Concerts – one for Junior School pupils and parents and the other for the Senior School. These events are always extremely popular and they bring our community together to showcase the wealth of musical talent at Wellington. Our pupils are confident musicians who relish the opportunity to perform so it is not surprising that the programme is rich and extensive! Everyone enters into the spirit of the event with numerous teachers performing in the orchestra and our Headmaster, Mr Johnson, sometimes even takes to the piano!

The WSA Committee is formed of (up to) 12 volunteers who are always looking for fundraising ideas. If you have any suggestions or would like to actively volunteer with us, please email