Board of Governors

The Governors are actively involved in every aspect of the school.

They attend performances, shadow staff and pupils and support many of the extracurricular activities that take place throughout the school year. However, they also play an integral part in the management of Wellington School. The Board is responsible for: agreeing the vision and aims of the school with the Head; the conduct, governance and control of the assets of the school; overseeing the policies, plans and procedures that will ensure the best possible education for present and future Wellington pupils.

Some of Wellington School’s 11 Governors are simply Board Members while others sit on three internal committees – Finance, Bursaries and Estates – according to their expertise.  The committees report back regularly to the full Board.

Meet The Governors

Jennifer Simpson, Chair of the Board

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Key Facts:

  • Jennifer has been a Board member since 2013 and three years later she was appointed as Chair of the Board of Governors.
  • Jennifer is a former Wellington pupil, parent to former and current pupils and her mother was a teacher here too! We find out more about her connections with the school in the Winter 2018 edition of The Turret. Read it here.
  • Jennifer is a Consultant in the pharmaceutical industry.

About Jennifer:

My mum was a teacher at Wellington in the 1950s, I was a pupil from nursery to S6 (1969 –1982) and my two children are also Wellington educated – my son, Richie, is still here.

I have many fond memories of my time at Wellington and this long involvement with the school made me feel that I perhaps had something to offer in return!

I hope that we keep our Former Pupil community close – we are important part of the school͛s legacy but also the school’s future.

Fraser Aitken

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Key Facts:

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Fiona Ablett

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Key Facts:

  • Fiona joined the Board in 2016.
  • Medical Practitioner at South West of Scotland Breast Screening Service at Ayrshire Central Hospital.

About Fiona:

All three of my children have attended Wellington – the two eldest have left now but my youngest son, Hamish, is still here.

As a parent, my involvement in Wellington School has spanned almost 20 years!

I have seen a lot of changes over that time, attended countless school events, know the workings of the school well and count individual teachers as friends.

Gilbert Andrew

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Key Facts:

  • Appointed Governor in 2013.
  • Gilbert is an accountant with 30 year’s experience as a partner in BDO Stoy Hayward.
  • Gilbert sits on the Finance Committee.

Marguerite Hunter Blair

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Key Facts:

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Dianne Gardner

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Key Facts:

  • Governor since 2007, Dianne taught history at Wellington and then was Head Mistress for 13 years from 1998 to 2001.
  • Dianne is an artist and a Curator with The Maclaurin Trust undertaking voluntary work with The Maclaurin Gallery in Ayr.
  • She is a member of The Glasgow Society of Women Artists.
  • She sits on the Bursaries Committee.

About Dianne:

I enjoy attending former pupil reunions to meet pupils and see how their lives have developed.

Real education is about preparation for life ahead in every respect.

I felt that my educational expertise and experience was relevant and valuable.

Patrick James Lorimer

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Key Facts:

  • Appointed as a Governor in 1999, Patrick sits on the Estates Committee.
  • Patrick is an architect. His practice ARPL Architects has offices in London and Wellington Square, Ayr.

About Patrick

My aunt, sister and daughter are all former pupils of the school and my grandmother gave out the prizes on Speech Day.

I became a Governor for personal connections and because I felt that I could be useful to the school from both a professional and personal basis.

My grandmother, The Right Honourable Lady Onslow, who was forthrightly Irish, made a particular acerbic remark about the quality of her family’s intellect when she was handing out prizes at Speech Day – my sister, her Granddaughter, failed to collect a single cup!

Elizabeth Napier

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Key Facts:

  • Beth was appointed Governor in 2013
  • She is Head of Finance for the Primary and Biopharm supply chains within GSK’s manufacturing organisation.

About Elizabeth:

I became a Governor because I wanted to give some of my experience back to the school.

Also, my employer, GSK, seeks to attract more young people into STEM subjects and encouraged employees to integrate into the education sector.

My daughter joined nursery reception in 2000 at Sleaford, (a former nursery building) – it was really intimate and personal.

Mrs Allen, Miss Walkenshaw and Mrs Gibson were the three nursery teachers and they encouraged the children to learn and write at an early age.

I found it very emotional – after 15 years at Wellington – watching my daughter “graduate” from school in S6. I have to go through it all again with my son in a few years though!

Tom Steele

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Key Facts:

  • Tom was appointed Governor in 2017
  • He is Director of Estates and Facilities at NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

About Tom:

Tom is a Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and a Corporate Member of the Chartered Institute of Building and has held a number of estates and facilities management positions in NHS Ayrshire and Arran and NHS Forth Valley. Tom has a particular interest in Strategic Asset Management and has involvement with Universities in a visiting capacity.

I became a Governor because I believe that I have relevant skills and experience that I can bring to operation and governance of the school. I am also keen to explore opportunities for students to get some exposure to the raft of specialist designer and operational sectors within the healthcare environment. The NHS can offer outstanding training and development for students, who may in turn be the next Directors of the future!

My association with the school is fairly recent as my daughter joined Wellington in 2015 at S1 stage and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience and opportunities that are offered to students.

Alastair Wilson

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Key Facts:

  • Alastair was appointed Governor 2007 and he sits on the Estates Committee.
  • He is the Managing Director of Wilson Homes (Kilmarnock) Limited.

About Alastair:

I was the Chairman of Drumley Preparatory School, supervising all major projects and maintenance; I was also there at the time of the merger with Wellington.

My sons were educated at Drumley School and Gordonstoun while my wife and daughter were both pupils at Wellington – we have a long history with the school!

Laura Wilson

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Key Facts:

  • Laura is one of the newest members of the Board, joining in late 2018
  • She is the Director of Marketing & Business Development at MacRoberts Solicitors

About Laura:

My eldest son, Harry, is a current pupil in S1. I believe that the school is an excellent platform for pupils to have the best start in life. With further education and career prospects constantly evolving, I would like to see the school continue to adapt to this ever-changing landscape and prepare young people for exciting careers. Wellington is a place where families maintain a connection for generations and that sense of belonging is something I particularly like.

I decided to become a Governor because I have a keen interest in children’s learning and development and, as such, am keen to ensure that all pupils at the school receive the best possible education. It is important that each pupil is fully supported and prepared for entering the world of work and real life. Through my professional skills and experience, I feel I can make a valuable contribution to the Board and the school.