Guidance and The House System

Wellington School is a caring community where young people flourish. We consider the happiness and wellbeing of each child to be of paramount importance in the development of the well rounded young person.


The school’s established and unique pastoral care system ensures that each child is well known as an individual, and that they receive continuous support and encouragement in his or her personal and social development. Guidance and the House system are intrinsically linked, giving all pupils opportunities to fully participate in school life and a strong sense of belonging.


The House system and pastoral care are fully integrated from S1 to S6. Pupils are allocated to a House form group in each year, giving them a sense of belonging and shared responsibility. As pupils move up the school, more emphasis is placed on the development of personal skills, initiative and community spirit.

The role of the form tutor is crucial at Wellington. Throughout the Senior School, pupils remain with the same form tutor who gets to know their charges well; they are always on hand to identify pupils who need guidance and offer them support. Pupils in turn see their form tutor as a person they know and trust, to whom they can turn if problems arise.

Form tutors register their forms twice a day and in S1 to S4 deliver the Personal and Social Education programme in one period a week. Pupils have the opportunity to discuss their own opinions in a familiar group and develop an awareness of differing points of view.

At crucial points in the Senior School, such as S2, S4 and S5, pupils must make important choices about their future. The form tutor is always willing and ready to offer advice in this regard.


Matters of concern

Matters of concern should be raised with the class teacher or the Head of Year. Pupils are encouraged to seek advice or assistance whenever they require it but parents may also contact these members of staff by telephoning the school on 01292 269321.

Mrs N O’Connell, Wellington School’s Assistant Head (Pastoral) has general oversight of all pupil wellbeing and welfare issues. Mrs O’Connell can be contacted directly on 01292 269321 or

Primary 1 to 6
Class teacher or Mr J Cox, Head of the Junior School

Primary 7
Mrs L Clachan

Senior 1 & 2
Mrs L Hunter

Senior 3 & 4
Mr A McDougall

Senior 5 & 6
Mr A Byers

The House System

Wellington School’s House system places pupils in one of four Houses: Churchill, Curie, Montgomery and Nightingale. New and P1 pupils receive their badge at the beginning of their first term meanwhile children of former pupils are placed in their parent’s House. Siblings are also placed together.


House Activities

A Junior House Captain is appointed by the Head of the Junior School and the Heads of House select a Captain for their House in S6. The S6 Captain is charged with organising teams and motivating House members at all levels for the year.

Pupils from P4 to S5 earn house-marks for displaying a good attitude in their work, in their behaviour and in the school community. Awarding house-marks nurtures responsibility and ownership in pupils.

Some highlights during the academic year include:

  • House Fundraising Days in the Senior School allow pupils of all ages to develop skills in organisation and planning.
  • Pupils enjoy regular House meetings in both the Junior and Senior Schools.
  • Annual presentation of Best House trophies (both academically and for attitude).
  • Inter-House competitions allow most pupils to take part in team events once a term.
  • Annual House debating and public-speaking competitions.
  • Sports Day is contested with great rivalry at the end of the school year.