SQA Results


In the S3 and S4 years, Wellington School aims to provide flexibility in the academic curriculum to enable pupils to take a wide range of courses to meet their needs and match their interests.

S4 pupils normally sit 8 National 5 examinations having studied these 8 courses throughout S3 and S4. All pupils take English, Mathematics, a Science subject (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science), a Language (French, German, Spanish or Latin) and a Social Science subject (Geography, History, Modern Studies). In addition, pupils choose three other subjects (from Accounting, Business Management, Art, Music Performing, Music Technology, Computing Science, PE, together with the Sciences, Languages and Social Sciences already listed ) to provide them with a broad general education from which they can then go on to choose 5 Highers to study in S5.

In addition, S3 and S4 pupils have a Games lesson, PE and a Personal and Social Education class each week.

Throughout their time in school, all pupils in any year group can attend an extensive array of study support classes run by all departments at lunch times and after school. Pupils are also monitored closely and offered

Support for Learning assistance if required. This support in departments, and through the Support for Learning Department, helps all pupils to consolidate their understanding and achieve the best possible grasp of their academic subjects.


Almost all S5 pupils study 5 Highers from a range of 20 subjects available at this stage. Some pupils study 4 Highers and an additional National 5 course.

Sixth Year pupils can choose from a wide range of courses provided at Advanced Higher, Higher and National 5 levels. The school offers 18 Advanced Higher courses and, in addition, there are 22 Higher courses and 20 National 5 subjects available. This allows the school to cater for the individual needs of our pupils.

In S6, usually pupils choose three or four subjects to study for entrance to a range of prestigious university courses. These include Medicine, Dentistry, Veterinary Science, Engineering, Law, Teaching, Business and Accounting courses and other Science and Social Science degrees as well as places at Art School, Conservatoires and at a variety of post-school courses at college.

The Results

Wellington pupils once again celebrated exam success this year with excellent National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher results.

At Higher, the pass rate was 97% and over half of the awards were at grade ’A’. Similar levels of success were achieved at National 5 (with 69% of awards at grade ‘A’) and Advanced Higher (with 57% of awards at grade ‘A’). Congratulations go to all of our students for their well-earned results.

Headmaster, Simon Johnson, commented: “Pupils at Wellington set themselves very high standards and, with the support of their teachers, work hard to achieve them. I am delighted that their efforts have been well rewarded.”

‘Pupils at Wellington set themselves very high standards and, with the support of their teachers, work hard to achieve them.’

Simon Johnson, Headmaster
August, 2017

HMIe Reporting

The most recent HMIe report states:

“In the secondary department, performance in national assessments and classwork at S1/S2 is very good. Thereafter, attainment in national examinations has been consistently very strong. The performance of young people is consistently well above national averages in relation to the proportion attaining five or more Credit passes at Standard Grade in S4 and the proportions gaining awards at 2 Higher and Advanced Higher in S5/S6. The overall performance of young people at S5/S6 has improved notably over the last three years. The progress of those with additional support needs is a significant strength of the school. Almost all young people go on to university from the school.”

Particular strengths identified by HMIe:

  • The very high quality of provision within the nursery.
  • High levels of attainment and impressive breadth of achievement on the part of children and young people.
  • The quality of support for learners with additional needs and the very good progress made by them.
  • Committed staff and highly motivated children and young people.
  • The embedding of international education across all sectors and stages.

Wellington School’s Performance

In 2015 S6 Advanced Higher results include

  • 95% A-C pass rate at Advanced Higher, (52 of our 55 pupils achieved one or more Advanced Higher A-C passes).
  • The grade A Advanced Higher pass rate was 55%.
  • 13 of the 15 Departments had 100% pass rates.
  • The top student in Scotland for AH Chemistry Investigation was a Wellington School pupil (for the third time in 7 years).

In 2015 S5 Higher results include

  • From a cohort of 53 pupils, 11 pupils achieved 5 or more grade A passes at Higher.
  • Two pupils achieved 6 A grade Higher passes.
  • A further 9 pupils achieved at least 4 Grade A passes at Higher.
  • 20 of the 53 pupils achieved 4 or more A grade passes at Higher. The A-C pass rate at Higher in 2015 at Wellington School was 96%.
  • The grade A Higher pass rate was 55%. The A+B pass rate at Higher was 84%

In 2015 National 5 and Intermediate 2 results include

  • 96% pass rate at grades A-C in National 5 examinations.
  • 11 pupils from a cohort of 37 achieved all grade A passes in their National 5 and Intermediate 2 examinations.
  • 18 of the 37 pupils achieved at least 7 A grade passes (almost 50% of the cohort) at National 5 and Intermediate 2.

Wellington in comparison to national / independent schools statistics

SQA results at Wellington School compare very favourably to National Standards and to standards reported in the Independent Sector.

In August 2015 Wellington School was ranked in the top 10 Independent Schools in Scotland both for Higher and Advanced Higher Grade A-C percentage pass rates. In August 2015, the pass rate at Advanced Higher was 94.5%, which placed Wellington School as the top performing Independent School in the West of Scotland. In the Higher grade examinations, 96% of entries resulted in an A-C grade pass, placing the school in 7th position in the Independent Schools league table.

Compared with National Standards – see tables 1 and 2 – the results of Wellington School show high levels of success in national examinations with pupils attaining top passes consistently at Higher and Advanced Higher.

Table 1 and Table 2 allow comparison of Wellington School results with National figures published for Highers and Advanced Highers in 2015 and 2014.

Wellington School’s Performance

Table 1 S5 Higher Examinations

2015 A B C
Wellington School, Higher 55% 29% 13%
National Results, Higher 30% 25% 22%
2014 A B C
Wellington School, Higher 49% 27% 18%
National Results, Higher 28% 26% 24%

Table 2 S6 Advanced Higher Examinations

2015 A B C
Wellington School, Adv. Higher 51% 25% 18%
National Results, Adv. Higher 32% 27% 23%
2014 A B C
Wellington School, Adv. Higher 47% 35% 15%
National Results, Adv. Higher 31% 27% 24%