What examinations does Wellington offer and when will my child be expected to sit them?

Pupils at Wellington School follow the Scottish education system and take courses leading to SQA National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher qualifications. A small number of pupils may gain National 4 awards in some subjects.

Pupils in P7, S1 and S2 follow a broad curriculum in line with the Broad General Education͛ phase of the Curriculum for Excellence. In these years, they develop their skills in core subject areas like Numeracy and Literacy, but also study a wide range of other subjects, including the sciences, languages, social sciences and the expressive arts.

In the second half of S2, pupils choose the subjects that they wish to study in S3 and S4. The majority go on to take eight National 5 courses, which enable them to maintain a broad curriculum, whilst also specialising in subjects that they may wish to take at Higher and Advanced Higher levels.

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In S5, most pupils take five Highers and almost all include English in their selection. Wellington is very proud of its academic results and last year the Higher pass rate was close to 100%. Over half of these awards were at grade A and eleven pupils achieved five or more A grade Highers.

S6 is an important year at Wellington and pupils get the chance to take their studies further by choosing from the wide range of Advanced Higher courses available. Many also choose to take additional Highers, simultaneously broadening their education and enhancing their portfolio of qualifications. Scientists, for example, may choose to study an additional language or Music in order to widen their perspective on the world.This is one of the few schools that encourage pupils to get involved with the Scottish Baccalaureate and a number of pupils have benefited significantly from the work required to complete a Baccalaureate Project.

Wellington has traditionally achieved some of the very best Advanced Higher results in Scotland, in terms of both the number of examinations sat by each pupil and the quality of results achieved. It is no surprise that most pupils go on to gain places to study at a university of their choice. Medicine, Law, Engineering and Business are popular subject areas, but Wellington pupils also achieve places on prestigious courses at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, Glasgow School of Art and other specialist institutions.

Scottish Highers and Advanced Highers are not only ideal preparation for entry to university in Scotland. They are recognised by universities throughout the world and some of the most renowned universities in England rank Advanced Higher passes above their A Level equivalents. The Oxford University website, for example, gives the minimum entry requirement for Law as AAA at A Level, but AAB at Advanced Higher as one alternative.

Did you know that Wellington is the Top Scottish Independent School by Advanced Highers Results?