Computing Science

Future destinations may lead to degrees and careers in Computing, IT and related disciplines. A wide range of opportunities exist within the field of Computing Science, including but not limited to software programming, web development, software engineering, computer games programming, computer aided design and database administration.

Computing Science is studied by all pupils in S1 and S2 at Wellington. Beyond that, the department offers National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher Computing Science courses for S3 to S6 pupils.


S1 and S2

The S1 and S2 courses are designed with the Curriculum for Excellence outcomes and experiences in mind. S1 topics include games programming using Scratch, staying safe online, computer systems, animation and HTML programming. The topics studied in S2 include security suites and malware, further study of computer systems, databases, environmental impact of computers, programming in Python and graphics.


National 5

Pupils who opt to continue with the subject will study National 5 (N5) Computing Science in S3 and S4. There are two units of study in N5 Computing Science which are Software Design and Development and Information System Design and Development.

Software Design and Development is about developing programming and computational thinking skills. App Inventor is used to create mobile phone apps. Python is also used to develop key skills in programming and it is used in year 1 of the Glasgow University Computing Science course.

In Information System Design and Development the main areas of study are web page design and databases. Further work on computer systems and environmental impacts are also covered at N5 level.


Higher and Advanced Higher

The Higher Computing and Advanced Higher courses build on the knowledge and understanding of computing concepts previously studied. The two units of study at Higher and Advanced Higher are Software Design and Development and Information System Design and Development.


Curricular Activities and Extracurricular Clubs

There are a number of activities offered by the Computing Science Department including the weekly Computing Science Club. A highlight for S1 to S3 pupils is chance to take part the annual Beaver Computing Challenge, an international computational thinking competition.