The Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School

Think of the Senior School and people often think of academic achievement and examinations. Here at Wellington, we take great pride in the academic progress of our pupils and strive always to provide the best possible level of support, whilst also preparing them properly for life beyond school. Wellington pupils set themselves the highest standards and understand that worthwhile goals can only be reached with commitment and hard work.

Wellington offers a rich academic curriculum and most pupils study eight National 5 courses in S3 and S4, five Higher courses in S5 and a mix of Advanced Higher and Higher courses appropriate to the individual in S6. Almost all progress to a university or college of their choice and many achieve places on some of the most competitive courses in Scotland and in the wide United Kingdom. The programme of overseas and trips on offer is second to none and the school is proud recently to have been granted “International School” status once again by the British Council.

But school life is not only about academic achievement and pupils are encouraged to make the most of being part of the Wellington community. A wide range of opportunities are available to participate in sport and in the performing arts, particularly music, and many pupils achieve very high standards whilst also enjoying the camaraderie of being part of a team. There are also opportunities to travel, to get involved in charity work and to join a wide range of other clubs and activities.

Wellington pupils have the chance to grow up as part of a special family and really achieve their potential.