The Nursery

Wellington School’s Indoor and Outdoor nurseries welcome boys and girls from the age of three. Run in partnership with South Ayrshire Council, they provide a stimulating and dynamic environment where emphasis is placed on the individual. Children receive specialist teaching in a number of subjects and the highly experienced staff ensure that children progress to the next stage of their development as happy, curious, fulfilled and confident learners.

Located in Drumley House (Westfield Road), the Indoor Nursery offers a wide range of educational experiences for children. Meanwhile, the Outdoor Nursery is based in woodland at Doonside (Alloway). As a sector leading facility, the Outdoor Nursery offers a unique experience that no other nursery in the area provides. Here, children safely experience all the wonder of nature while developing an understanding of the environment in which they live

Through play, children are encouraged to develop the concentration and ability to use language effectively by observing, creating, experimenting, questioning and discussion – all of which is vital for future development.

In a recent unannounced inspection in November 2016, the Care Inspectorate graded the quality of care and support at Wellington School Nursery as ‘6- Excellent’.

Why Wellington?

At Wellington School Indoor and Outdoor Nurseries, the opportunities for enhanced learning are boundless! Children will benefit from:

  • Funded places
  • Daily outdoor education
  • The benefits of an all through school (teaching, facilities, mentorship etc)
  • Wraparound care
  • Healthy snacks
  • Children are prepared for a smooth transition to primary school through an outstanding Transition Programme

Wellington Transition Programme

The step from Nursery to Primary 1 is an experience that is often fraught with uncertainty. At Wellington, children receive first class preparation for Primary School through our outstanding Transition Programme which instills confidence and familiarity into the primary setting. Our highly experienced staff have spent three years honing this impressive programme which encompasses careful and sensitive planning tailored to each individual helping them adjust to P1 at any school.

The programme is the best I have seen in my many years in education. It is truly outstanding. In saying that, we seek to improve every year in order to enhance each child’s experience.’ Mr Cox, Head of the Junior School

‘Wellington is a great nursery. Staff are kind and caring and provide a wide range of stimulating activities.’


Parent Testimonial – Care Inspectorate Report, November 2016

‘Another particular strength of the nursery is the transition process. Contact with other receiving primaries is established and all of the nursery children have opportunities to visit Wellington Junior School, share activities and have discussions with older pupils. The ‘Transition’ floor book records what children want to know about moving on to primary. Primary pupils support the nursery children and spend time with them [talking about their experiences]’


Care Inspectorate Report, November 2016