Extra Curricular

A wide range of opportunities

Children are provided a wide range of opportunities to participate in a variety of activities of their own choosing. These activities take place both during the school day and after. They include: First Aid, Hockey, Tennis, French, Cycling, Walking Club, German, Origami, Dance, Orchestra and many more.

Personalisation and choice play a large part in the Curriculum for Excellence and through our clubs, pupils are encouraged to progress their learning in new and exciting ways.

Pupil Council

Wellington Junior School values the importance of including your child in all aspects of their education. The Junior School Pupil Council meets regularly, allowing representatives from all stages to express their views about their education and learning environment. Listening to and acting on their suggestions ensures that Wellington Junior School continually provides the best experiences for every pupil.

Eco Group

The Eco-Schools programme is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. The Junior School’s Eco Group comprises both children and staff, with regular meetings held throughout the school year which help drive our Eco-Schools commitment to continuously improve our environmental performance. We actively encourage our pupils to engage with recycling, energy conservation and many local community projects.