The Junior School


Mr J. Cox
Head of The Junior School
BEd (Hons), AdvDipEd, MEd, Cert Maths

Welcome to the Junior School!

The Junior School is a vibrant community where wisdom, justice, compassion and integrity are encouraged in every child. Our aim is to help provide pupils with a basis on which they can lead a successful adult life, through curricular excellence, personal development and good citizenship.


Curricular Excellence

Fundamentally, Wellington Junior School seeks to fulfil the academic potential of each pupil and to create the best learning environment for individuals. It is also important that we ensure the curriculum is appropriate for the world of the future by providing opportunities to explore the world around them and by encouraging pupils to develop interests which will enrich life at school and beyond.


Personal Development

The Junior School is a nurturing community where the teaching staff play a pivotal role in promoting self-confidence, self-discipline and high self-esteem in their pupils. A solid work ethic is fostered at every stage in the Junior School, where children are taught to act and think in an independent and resourceful manner.


Good Citizenship

It is vital that pupils are encouraged to show a caring attitude towards each other and the wider community. Pupils are taught to care for their environment and to be aware of the needs of others, so instilling a sense of duty.


Extra Curricular

Children are provided a wide range of opportunities to participate in a variety of activities of their own choosing. These activities take place both during the school day and after. They include: First Aid, Hockey, Tennis, French, Cycling, Walking Club, German, Origami, Dance, Orchestra and many more.

Personalisation and choice play a large part in the Curriculum for Excellence and through our clubs, pupils are encouraged to progress their learning in new and exciting ways.

Support for Learning

All pupils at Wellington School follow the mainstream curriculum and the Support for Learning (SfL) Department aims to support the education of those pupils who require additional help to fully access the curriculum. The SfL Department encourages pupils to maximise their individual academic achievements.