Visit Us

Visiting Wellington School is an important step in the admissions process and there are a number of options available to prospective parents and pupils.


Experience a warm Wellington welcome at an Open Day, Individual Appointment or Taster Day.

Please contact Mrs Marian Dunlop, our Admissions Registrar, to find out more or to book (where applicable): 01292 269321 or


Open Events

Wellington School hosts a number of Open Mornings, Afternoons and Days throughout the year. You will get the opportunity to meet members of the Senior Management Team and will be given a tour by pupils. No appointment is necessary, simply come along and say hello!

The dates of these events are available on this website, on the school’s Facebook page and in the local press. Alternatively, please contact Mrs Dunlop.


Taster Days

Taster days are an excellent way for prospective pupils to understand what a day at Wellington is really like. Your child will be placed in their potential future class and will be fully immersed in the Wellington experience. Taster Days can be arranged throughout the year by appointment.

Individual Appointments

An individual appointment gives prospective parents the opportunity for a one to one with the Head. It allows you to ask any questions you may have and to understand more about the ethos and workings of the school. Pupils will provide a tour of the school. Individual appointments can be arranged throughout the year by appointment.



There are a limited number of spaces in the grounds of Carleton Turrets which visitors are welcome to use. There is also a larger car park to the rear of Craigweil House, which may be used by any visitor to the school.