Wellington School

The school campus comprises three impressive turreted buildings, situated in a unique seafront location, near to Ayr’s Low Green. Leafy and quiet, the school grounds are situated within a quiet residential part of the Ayr, South Ayrshire.

Carleton Turrets and Craigweil House

The Senior Department is housed between Carleton Turrets and Craigweil House, two imposing turreted buildings on Craigweil Road. Many of the classrooms boast picture windows with unrivalled views of the Firth of Clyde. The Millennium Garden, a quiet, landscaped area outside Carleton Turrets is a perfect place to enjoy the fresh air, re-focus or simply chat with friends.

Drumley House

The Nursery, Infant and Primary stages are accommodated within Drumley House. Spiral staircases, beautiful stained glass windows and more turrets give Drumley a great deal of character. Drumley Hall is the site of assemblies, art exhibitions, class plays and a whole host of other activities. Meanwhile, the much-loved playground is a hive of activity every break and lunchtime.


The school has its own playing fields and pavilion at Doonside on the outskirts of Ayr. This is also the site of the Outdoor Nursery where children venture into the woodlands where they develop an understanding of the environment in which they live while experiencing all the wonder of nature!